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In daring to get lost

shows the way.

How do I proceed?

How the collaboration looks very practical always depends on your question and the  context of your business. We discuss this in detail at the start of the collaboration and evaluate it in the interim. In both leadership team  as organizational coaching, the following building blocks and points of attention form the core of my approach:

intake:  to the core  


In an intake we will discuss what the  question 'behind' is the question. After all, the most visible problem is often not what it is really about. 
By engaging in in-depth discussion, it becomes clear what is at stake  stands. Why is this so? Who benefits from it  that the situation remains as it is? Where is the energy to change?  And am I the right person  to help you in this  question?

Co creation

No question is identical to the other, and at the same time the same issues often cross my path. Each time in a different context; and it is the context that is decisive. And I will take you on a journey to walk the process together, with your ingredients to develop the recipe together. And follow your rhythm every time.  And answering a question is like building a bridge while walking on it together.


I like to offer organizations and people the glasses from an external perspective, namely that of the (organizational) coach, to learn to look at themselves. As an organizational coach I dance on two fronts,  looking for the right tipping point between steering, structuring and organizing on the one hand, and on the other  let go, trust and let it move. Knowing  that every system is intelligent and shows what it can handle and what it cannot. I guide you in learning to embrace 'not knowing' and help you with this  to find peace.

Systemic perspective

Groups (whether it is a family or an organization) are nourished and guided by 3 laws (everyone has a place; the hierarchy wants to be respected; giving & receiving strives to stay in balance).

Organizations can get stuck if those laws are unintentionally and unconsciously thrown out of balance. 

Where there are replays visible  throughout an organization or team there is a pattern that sputters with or against. Recognizing and acknowledging that pattern is a first step towards transformation.

the undertow

What is visible and what  not? That which is not visibly present (informal leadership, connections in the organizations that run differently than what an organization chart shows, unspoken resentment – the pink elephant in the closet,…) is just as present as that which is visible (a mission text, a strategy, organizational structure). that invisible  undercurrent is very decisive. I try to feel and name these. This also includes the voice of the minority. This often unheard voice  bringing it up is an enormous enrichment for the already known voice of the majority.


I like to use the following models:

- Deep Democracy

- Connecting Communication

- Patrick Lencionic

- Consent decision making

And that is a never-ending story, because 'long will I learn'.



I believe in play, because deep down we are all big children, and a game activates something else that makes us feel 'freer', and we look and reason differently… - and this without losing sight of depth.


At other times, rituals can come in handy. Rituals are already present in business, but are not seen or recognized as such. Just think of a reception at the New Year or at a merger, a retirement party, etc. Moments when people consider it important to connect employees with each other and with the organization, and that can be given even more depth.

A wide network

Sometimes an issue requires a certain expertise or complementarity. I bring colleagues from my network with me, if presence can provide added value, or if my agenda does not allow me to fully address your question.

Do you have questions about your organization?

Do you want your team and yourself as  grow a leader?

Would you like to know what coaching can do for you?

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