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For leaders

Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think

we're supposed to be and

embracing who we are.

Brene Brown

Coaching to  authentic  leader

Just as a discrepancy in the organizational culture and structure leads to problems, a leader who is not himself or who is too unconsciously preoccupied with his roles will sooner or later have to deal with problems: fatigue, dysfunctional team, stress, ...  The better you know your own undercurrents, the easier you will  be able to  deal with problems that  cross your path and lose your own freedom in this as little as possible.

In a coaching process I help you  to make your blind spots visible, so that you become aware when you are in a cramp  shoot, and so that you can learn to deal with the tension that is inextricably linked to a managerial position.   

you can turn me on to

  • contribute to the development of leadership programs,  that activate both on a mental level and on a heart level.

  • to coach executives  on leadership, leadership style, or  role awareness (when am I a manager? when am I an expert?…)

  • to coach team leaders and senior managers in their leadership role, to bring them into their authentic power; bring out what is already present in them.

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