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For teams

Something is about to move  if you first acknowledge it and let it be as it is .

Team coaching and organizational coaching

Possible team  issues

  • We have a  need a clear mission, values or a team charter  that activates employees, both on  level of head as  heart.
  • We want the  increase cooperation within the team, people now work far too much from their own island.
  • The results of the employee satisfaction survey were disappointing and we  want to investigate why this is and what we can do about it.
  • The commitment and motivation of the team is  low and we can't put our finger on the wound ourselves.  
  • We want the  discover patterns,  recognize and  name that is currently sapping the team's energy so that it can resume  flow.
  • We need a facilitator at important meetings to arrive at clear insights and decisions.



To a team that works


I am happy to take your team on a journey to increase cooperation, get the dynamics going, respectfully expose disruptions or bring out the pink elephant.

In this process, which always starts from lightness and openness, there is always room for it  'that which is now'. This is a crucial step to enable change, followed by openness to improvement.

This creates a new  mutual warm connection  between employees, which is so crucial  for the  personal  well-being,  and also becomes  strengthens the relationship of employees to the mission of the organization.

To collaborate?
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