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HR advice, HR managber, HR rojecten, organization design 

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HR projects & partnership

Organisations have 2 fundamental questions: how do we manage our external adaptation? And how do we manage our internal alignment? 

20 years of experience in HR in various environments and roles (HR Director, HR Project Manager, HR Business Partner and Consultant), and still an equal passion for this profession! Especially how an organisation adapts itself internally as best as possible to stand firm on the market (external adaptation). How organisations can remain authentic and close to themselves is a permanent search and a recurring balancing act. What does an organisation show in its 'undercurrent' (culture, values, informal interactions,...)? And is it consistent with where the 'upper stream' (structure, strategy, ...) wants to go? "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" (P. Drucker).


noomly offers strategic advice and can help you with the practical elaboration of your HR policy, always in line with the corporate strategy. This can take various forms: 

  • as a consultant or sparring partner I think along creatively 

  • as a project manager to run a project

  • coaching of the HR manager and/or the HR team

  • mentoring

  • ... 

The duration can be short (a few sessions, or longer depending on the internal resources and the demand).

My experience and expertise is mainly in 3 areas


  • Analysis and advice on the organisational structure, including consultation platforms. 

  • Guidance and facilitation of a new consultation structure.

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Guidance for the organisational culture :

  • Bringing clarity to the as is and to be,

  • Development of the desired culture with workshops; facilitation of the workshops (also with other coaches)

  • Advice on further embedding (from internal campaign to embedding in processes).


  • Review of the HR policy and advice on strengths and development points.

  • Analysis of the performance management cycle on the basis of a survey (employees and managers) with a proposal for a new model, taking into account trends and company strategy.

  • Streamlining the onboarding process.

  • Development of a tailor-made leadership model.

  • Development of a career path and competence matrix.

  • Benchmarking reward policies and advising on better alignment with business strategy and culture.

Karen Braeckmans - CEO Monard Law

Evelyne has given our HR policy a serious boost.  Based on her solid HR knowledge, she helped Monard Law develop a leadership model and optimise our performance cycle.  Her pragmatic approach, her insight in what is important for our specific business and her connecting communication style are important assets.

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Further development of your HR profession?

Welcome to join an HR Council.

And/or visit the offer in Systemic Work.

A council is a group of 8-12 HR professionals from the corporate environment who

  • benefit from sparring and developing themselves.

  • feel the need to zoom out from their professional environment every now and then

  • like to be challenged and to challenge others in their personal growth.

  • Instead of following training courses, look together at personal themes that have an impact (directly or indirectly) on the professional context.

This initiative falls under the flag of OOTF (Organisation of the Future), which was founded by a number of CEOs (Wouter Torfs, Jef Colruyt, Frans Colruyt, Joost Callens, Matti Gybels, Toon Bossuyt, Bert Claes) together with Quix and Choco. They greatly cherish their own council and notice the impact of being able to safely spar and challenge each other on their functioning and on their organisation. Together, they want to promote and stimulate more authentic leadership; hence the idea of creating more councils.

The commitment is to come together twice a year for two days to support and inspire each other from an ever-deepening connection. From that connection, an exchange (rather informal) also occurs during the year about concrete matters that people like to check and tips that they exchange. With this Council, we go deeper and further than just sharing and exchanging business information/experience.

And this Council is led by Mieke Toppets and myself.


What is the investment?

You pay 1.000€ per council of two days. This is excluding VAT / accommodation and catering which are paid at the time. The facilitator's accommodation costs will be shared on the spot by the number of participants.

Included in your membership:

  • 1x per year you can participate in a council café for free

  • 15% discount on OOTF events

  • facilitation of the interim contact 

We also list the basic principles on an OOFT council: - this gives a concrete picture of what you choose to do when you say yes.

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