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Programmes for Women

I am a woman, a sister, a partner, a mum of 3, a friend, a colleague, ... interested in personal development for more than 10 years, and permanently curious about new experiences, discoveries in the world, in people and myself.


Quite unexpectedly, my path led me to womanhood. I felt for the first time in 2018 how, as a woman, you can really feel carried surrounded by women. How free it felt - how I came home to myself, to silence, surrounded by women.


They are my tribe!


Since then, I have also developed an offering for women


Onweerstaanbaar Wild

With "Irresistibly Wild", I offer a personal growth trajectory for women who want to live fully from their feminine power; who want to (re)discover their intuitive, creative life carried by and carrying for other women. 


Irresistibly Wild - when your soul calls.... Because one day it becomes irresistible not to follow your wild soul.

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So far only in Dutch...

2 day retreat - Wild Walk - 9 & 10 August 2024

The 'Wild Walk' is an invitation to women who long to honour and nurture the connection with their own wild nature in the midst of nature. To meet their Untamed Woman.

Workshop -  Belonging versus fitting in - 16 March 2024

From likeable woman to vital woman

"Belonging to yourself and becoming the wilderness versus fitting in and leaving yourself." (B.Brown) 

About showing up, about saying 'yes' to yourself (and 'no' to others).

Growth is the price of no longer belonging somewhere.

Workshop -  Choosing your life energy - 16 November 2024

"The authority that's good to follow, lies in your own soul" (B.Hellinger)

About courage, choices, passion and resisting a too-easy life.

Giving voice to your leadership.

6 day programme -  Wild Way - from January to June 2025

A programme with 6 themes that move, scratch, awaken and relax.

Meet the Intuitive Woman, the Clear Woman, the Rebel, the Vital, the Sensual and the Wild Woman.

Marleen S.

"I always come to the realisation that after each participation, there is a serious impact in my daily life.

My body wants more because I have never felt more alive than now!"

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