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Organisation  Development

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed

until it is faced.


James Baldwin

Change agent & organizational coaching

      Do you feel that a step up is necessary to continue to grow as a company and to enter a new phase?

      Do you need a sounding board that takes a close look at what is going on in your organisation?  Where is there energy or not?

Groups have 2 existential questions: how do we arrange our external alignment? And how do we arrange our internal alignment? These 2 perspectives determine the success of an organisation. 

As a manager, executive or HR person, you are right in the middle of your organisation, and it is difficult to see exactly what is going on and what is causing the problems.

With my external and experienced view, I can look at this from a neutral angle and hold up a valuable mirror to you, so that you can see the next step from there. And I like to step with you. 


Below you will find possible forms of cooperation - always tailor-made and in co-creation. 


What is it? 

Through the screening, you gain insight into what is going on within your organisation - both in relation to the outside world and in terms of internal coordination.

What is unique about the organisation and what are its blind spots? After all, without clarity about your strengths (your fertile ground) it is very unsteady to take the next step. 

What does it offer you?

Through this organisation mirror I offer clarity on the next steps to take in terms of your organisation structure, culture and/or HR policy. 



The most visible problem is often not what really matters. By entering into an in-depth discussion, it becomes clear what is at stake. Why is this so? Who benefits from the situation remaining as it is? Where is the energy to change?

How does it look like?

  • Intake discussions with employees about the organisation, the HR policy, leadership, the organisational structure, the undercurrent (what lives deeper in the organisation).

  • A feedback session during which we reflect on the effect of this intense mirror. Together, we validate the next steps.

Screening of the potential  (organisation mirron)

Nele De Smet - CEO Evolta

Strong insights from Evelyne Debeuckelaer who holds up a mirror to our organisation after her audit. Original approach with excellent results.

Spiral Staircase

What is it? 

This trajectory usually follows after the potential diagnosis and is an intensive guidance of an organisation to take the necessary next steps towards more flow, more peace, more focus, ... with an impact on employee involvement.


What does it offer you? 

This programme offers a foothold during a transition phase at team or organisation level and/or to feel the ground under your feet again in turbulent moments.


The better you know the undercurrents, the easier it will be to regain your own freedom in the face of challenges in your organisation.

How does it look like?


A programme with 

  • monthly guidance and feedback session 

  • sessions (training, workshops) of half a day or full day sessions*

  • individual coaching 

  • continued presence at a distance.


*Workshops/trainings can be accompanied by a colleague partner in function of the requested expertise.

Organisation and/or 


Lawyer / Partner - Monard Law

Evelyne brings tranquillity and confidence. She is inviting and does not avoid difficult issues. In a gentle way, she is direct and confronting.

What is it? 

Systemic work is a method that dives into the undercurrent to uncover deeper-seated patterns. 



noomly coaches and guides leaders and teams to look at themselves and their team through systemic glasses.

What does it offer you?

"It is no longer an option not to look at things with the systemic perspective when you want to work with your team."  This quote comes from a participant of an inspiration session about this method. 


The systemic view offers the possibility to recognise the real origin of 'hassle' in teams. From there, a new step can be taken.

How does the coaching look like?

Various forms are possible depending on the demand: 

team sessions with executives / HR teams to get to know the systemic perspective and discuss practical cases together

coaching of manager


Systemic Coaching

(teams and leaders)

Manager - Residential Care Home

I have taken many management courses and this is now something simple and pragmatic that sticks. I now see so many things I can act on, and first of all with myself.

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