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Examples of some collaborations 
(more info possible when meeting )

Organisation development

Construction sector:

  • Organisational audit; advice on organisational structure and recommendations on organisational culture.

Law firm: 

  • Coach & sparring partner of the CEO concerning organisation-culture and structure.

  • Guidance of newly formed team of partners.

Government organisation: 

  • Inspiration and brainstorming session in collaboration with Corporate Rituals to assist with the closure of the organisation as a separate entity.

Care setor: 

  • Advice to the Executive Board in terms of organisational structure. Ism Transformation in Care (Karen Van Garsse).

Team coaching


  • Guidance of a newly composed team to a close-knit & mature team with a clear mandate and support within the organisation.

Banking sector: 

  • Facilitator in the executive team day (online) as co-supervisor with Karen Van Garsse.

Care sector: 

  • Team coaching of a policy team in the context of the IAO programme (in collaboration with Tranformation in Care - Lynn Cools).

  • Coaching of executives adv systemic principles.

  • Mediation in conflict between manager and employee.

  • Team coaching after dismissal and unrest in a team.

  • Team sessions as emotional processing post-covid. (ism Tranformation in Care - Karen Claes)).

HR Management

Law firm: 

  • HR Manager, part time.

Construction sector:

  • HR Coach, coach of the CEO concerning the HR policy

  • Guidance for the process 'towards a more optimal HR operation'.

Waste sector: 

  • HR Directeur Belgium (starting up France);

  • Group HR  Project Manager

  • HR Business Partner BeNeLux.

Japanese multinational:

  • European HR Business Partner; HR advisor Belgium (HQ, warehousing, salesco)


Sometimes an issue requires a certain expertise or complementarity.

I bring in colleagues from my network, if presence can add value, or if my schedule does not allow me to fully address your question.

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