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Coaching & Consulting

for complex organisational questions and personal transformation

leading beyond

noomly brings movement to and from your essence.

- leading beyond the surface so that real change becomes possible.


Recognising yourself?

  • You are a leader, an HR Manager, who struggles with complex issues where there is no clear answer at hand and where a preconceived offer is insufficient.


  • You are a coach and would like to look at organisational issues through systemic glasses to arrive at new insights.


  • You are a leader who wants to take the next step to support the organisation's growth.

  • You are a manager and want to go a layer deeper in team maturity and performance with your team.

  • You are looking for a place to add depth to your personal development.

  • You are looking for a facilitator who can shape a ritual for your organisation or team to mark a transition, honour the end of something, ...

team coaching and organizational coaching - freelance HR consultant


Organisational Questions and Personal Transformations go hand in hand. As you grow, your team can grow, and you develop 'bandwidth' to handle more complex issues as well.


Noomly offers support and expertise in both areas, and at the interfaces between Organisational Issues and Personal Transformation.


Organisation Development

  • Do you need a sounding board that takes a close look at what is going on in your organisation?  Where is there energy or not?

  • Do you feel that a step up is necessary to continue to grow as an organisation / team and to enter a new phase?


noomly offers you a powerful and attractive picture of your potential and a tailor-made trajectory guidance.

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Personal Transformation

  • How do you develop the courage to live from your deepest desire and follow your own path? 

  • How do you take your place in the world? Which personal leadership do you take?


noomly guides leaders on their path of personal leadership through various initiatives.

Connected Golden Spheres

Systemic Work

  • Trainings are in open offer, mainly focused on systemic work from an organizational perspective and in relation to personal development.

  • Both perspectives are a strong duo and together offer more satisfaction in work and life. Work ethic and zest for life together!


noomly offers tailor-made and open trainings.

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How others have experienced noomly's guidance

Nele De Smet - CEO Evolta

 Strong insights from Evelyne Debeuckelaer who holds up a mirror to our organisation after her audit. Original approach with excellent results.

Lawyer / partner - Monard Law

Evelyne brings tranquillity and confidence. She is welcoming and does not shy away from difficult issues. In a gentle way, she is direct and confronting.

Karen Braeckmans - CEO Monard Law

Evelyne has given our HR policy a serious boost.  Based on her solid HR knowledge, she helped Monard Law develop a leadership model and optimise our performance cycle.  Her pragmatic approach, her insight in what is important for our specific business and her connecting communication style are important assets.

Looking forward  meeting you for an informal talk.
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nomly - 

leading beyond

noomly moves you, beyond the surface, to your essence.

Evelyne Debeuckelaer

Bauwinlaan 26, 2950 Kapellen

TEL: +32 (0)496 60 27 73

VAT: BE711.993.064

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