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About Evelyne

and her approach

The ego says: when everything falls into place, I feel peace. The heart says: when I feel peace, everything falls into place.

 Marianne Williamson

Her experience

What drives her is her passion for the magic of organisational culture and structure. 

When is an organisation at its best? Letting organisations 'flow', be authentic and close to themselves is a permanent search and a recurring balancing act. What does an organisation show in its 'underbelly'? And is it consistent with where the 'upper belly' wants to go? 


The first part of her career (+15 years) she was mainly concerned with the "upper stomach" as HR Director, Group HR Project Manager, HR Business Partner in various environments (from head office to plant) and structures (multinational and SME). Gradually, the importance of the underbelly of an organisation came to the surface.


The second part of her career flowed naturally as an independent HR Consultant & Organisation Developer.  Her interest in systemic work grew and has become one of her most important perspectives/glasses/instruments. 


  • Being able to see clarity and structure in chaos through strong analysis ("overview bringer");

  • Seeing / reading / feeling what an organisation or team needs and providing the tools to get started ("insight bringer");

  • Activating the natural flow in an organisation in a simple and creative way;  

  • Bringing peace..., holding space so that what wants to be shown may show itself ("tranquility bringer");

  • And fluently trilingual (NL, FR, EN)

Most Important Qualifications 

  • Systemic work (Phoenix Opleidingen), 2022

  • Facilitator Training in Constellations (Africal Constellations Institute), 2022

  • Personal Coaching (The Shift Coaching), 2021

  • Systemic Perspective
    (Ria Verlinden & Bart De Coninck), 2019-2020

  • Team Coaching (The Shift Coaching), 2020

  • Organisation Coaching (P.Bailleur), 2019

  • Leading by Being (Taking Wing / Quinx), 2018-2019

  • Intuitive Leadership (Timotheus), 2017-2020

  • The Art of Facilitation (Taking Wing / Quinx), 2017

  • Master in Innovative Work Organisation(AMS), 2016

  • Marketing Management (ICHEC), 2002

  • Masters in European Studies (KUL), 1999

  • Masters in Roman Languages (UCL), 1998

How do I work?

How the cooperation looks in practice always depends on your question and the context of your company. We discuss this in detail at the start of the cooperation and evaluate it in the interim.

In both leadership, team and organisational coaching, the following building blocks and focal points form the core of my approach:

Intake: to the essence 


Iin an intake, we talk to find out what the question 'behind' the question is. After all, the most visible problem is often not what really matters. 
By entering into an in-depth conversation, it becomes clear what is at stake. Why is this so? Who benefits from the situation remaining as it is? Where is the energy to change? And am I the right person to help you with this issue?

Systemic perspective

Groups (whether it is a family or an organisation) are nurtured and steered by 4 principles (each and everything has a place; the order wants to be respected; giving & receiving strives to in a healthy exchange; what has reached its destination).

Organisations can get stuck when these principles are unintentionally and unconsciously out of balance. 

Wherever there are repetitions visible throughout an organisation or team, there is a pattern, which either goes along with or against it. Recognising and acknowledging that pattern is the first step towards transformation.


No question is identical to another, and at the same time, the same questions often cross my path. Each time in a different context; and it is precisely the context that is decisive. And I take you with me to walk the process together, using your ingredients to develop the recipe together, each time following your rhythm. And answering a question is like building a bridge while walking on it together.


I like to use the following models:

- Systemic work

- Deep Democracy

- Connecting Communication

- Patrick Lencioni

- Consent decision-making

And that is a never ending story, because 'long shall I learn'.


I believe in games, because deep inside we are all still big children, and a game activates something else which makes us feel 'freer', and we look and reason differently... - and this without losing sight of depth.


Do you have questions about your organisation?

Do you want to grow your team and yourself as a leader?

Would you like to know what coaching can do for you?


contact me
for an informal intake.

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