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Organisational Development

Organisations have 2 fundamental questions: how do we manage our external adaptation? And how do we manage our internal alignment? 


As a manager, executive or HR, you are in the middle of your organisation, and it is difficult to see exactly what is going on and what is causing the problems. With my external and experienced glasses, I can look at this from neutrality and hold up a valuable mirror to you, to see the next step from there. And I gladly step with you. 


How can organisations stay authentic and close to themselves is a permanent quest and an ever-recurring balancing act. What does an organisation show in its 'undercurrent' (culture, values, informal interactions,...)? And is it consistent with where the 'upper stream' (structure, strategy, ...) wants to go? "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" (P.Drucker).


The most visible problem is often not what really matters. Engaging in deep conversation reveals what is at stake. Why is this the case? Who benefits from the situation remaining as it is? Where is the energy to change? And what leadership is needed?

My experience and expertise is mainly in 3 areas


  • Analysis and advice on organisational structure (including consultation platforms), culture and leadership.

  • Guidance to the organisation: development of the desired culture with workshops; facilitation of the workshops, each time inviting the leader to look at himself and see the parallel between his/her leadership and the organisational culture.

  • Advice on further embedding (from internal campaign to embedding in processes).

  • Guidance and facilitation on new meeting structure & culture.


  • Review of HR policy and organisation with proposal of a new model taking into account trends and business strategy.

  • Elaboration and optimisation of HR processes (on boarding, performance management, career policy, etc.).

  • Development of a tailor-made leadership model.


Leadership is an undeniable link to connect the organisational strategy with the organisational structure, culture as well as HR policies in a consistent way. 

And, leadership is a dance between connection and solitude. 

  • Leadership coaching of executive teams and senior managers (trajectory, workshops, individual coachings,...)

  • Setting up a leadership model unique to your organisation.

Karen Braeckmans - CEO Monard Law

Evelyne has given our HR policy a serious boost.  Based on her solid HR knowledge, she helped Monard Law develop a leadership model and optimise our performance cycle.  Her pragmatic approach, her insight in what is important for our specific business and her connecting communication style are important assets.

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