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Systemic work in Organisations

Training & Workshops


Organisation Constellation
Systemic work in practice


Bring your own organisational issue and we will look at it in a constellation. 


You can also participate as a representative, knowing that every constellation is a learning moment for everyone. A constellation is never just for the person asking for it.


We start with a moment of silence to land and ground.



This session offers you:
  • You will get a different view on your concrete issue. You will leave the evening with a different perspective and consciousness.
  • It is also a learning moment for representatives: how to look differently at teams / organisations.
  • Constellations are embodied learning experiences


  • max 2 constellations / evening; open to 12 extra representatives

  • ​trainers: Evelyne Debeuckelaer, Wendy van Nunen

  • data 2023: March 7th, May 22rd, Oct 10th

  • price: 80€ excl VAT for the constellation 'client' ; 40€ excl VAT for representatives

  • locatie: BioDynamische Bakkerij - Antwerp


 Online Supervision: Organisation cases 
Working with your concrete organisational question with a systemic perspective 

(English also possible on demand!)


Bring your own organisational issue. Together we will handle your case under the guidance of systemic facilitators. 


We start with a theoretical refresher course on systemic work. We assume you already have a first acquaintance with systemic work.



This session offers you:
  • You get a refresher on the principles of systemic work and how they play into the undercurrents of an organisation.
  • You will get a different perspective to look at a concrete disturbance in your organisation/team.


  • max 6 participants

  • ​trainers: Evelyne Debeuckelaer

  • data 2023:

    • online: 25 January, 6 April, 17 May - 9-11ham

    • life: 22 March - 9.00-12.00 am

  • price: online 95€ excl VAT; life 145€/ excl VAT

  • location: online (zoom), life (Antwerp)

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