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Systemic Work & Ancient Wisdom

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Roots & Waves



The power of connecting with ourselves as part of nature, honouring the visible and the invisible the power of rituals and connection with ancestors, the healing of music, rhythm and silence individually and in groups


Activating your potential and calling 
🎇the power of connecting with ourselves as part of nature
🎇 Honouring the visible and the invisible
🎇the power of rituals and connection with ancestors
🎇the healing of music, rhythm and silence individually and in group

What does the high-level programme look like?
🐚you are welcome in Cadzandie from 17h. After dinner there will be an introduction to each other, what brings you here, and a 1st contact with the ancestors; 
🐚 Thursday morning just before the sun rises we go to the sea for a ritual to invite and welcome the ancestors;
🐚The rest of the day is for deepening, harvesting, ... what presents itself and may be shown. Duo work and plenary, in nature and in the room. And activating your potential and calling supported by the ancestors.
🐚Friday after breakfast everyone checks out (leave by 10h).

In greeting the Sea

we speak to our Origin

the echo of that respect

will return to us

in the times to come


In greeting our Origin

We connect with our roots.

Honouring this presence

nourishes our essence.

Fuelling our lives.


There at the source

the water is the clearest

At the oasis the shadow the coolest

In silence the message the highest

From your dream the force the strongest

Practical information

  • trainers: Ria Verlinden, Evelyne Debeuckelaer, Junior Sephunyane

  • dates: 3 May 17h - 5 May 11h 2024

  • price: 295€ excl VAT private; 395€ excl VAT corporate

  • Location: Cadzandië (Cadzand, NL)

  • Registration: 0496602773 or 0475317280 



Authentic leadership from the body 

Embodied Leadership


What will this workshop bring you?


  • Learning how your leadership potential is also in your body and ready to blossom.

  • Growing in authenticity by integrating the wisdom of your body even more.


What is the benefit of your participation?


  • When you connect head and body, the impact of your leadership increases - consciously and unconsciously.

  • The more you can relax in tension, the more you experience steadiness. And that becomes noticeable all around you.


What's in it for you?


  • A dynamic, experience-focused workshop that combines systemic insights with the power of movement and group dynamics.

  • We work with what is going on in the moment, balancing between improvisation and a clear compass.


For whom?


  • Anyone who wants to develop and experience an innovative, systemic view of leadership.

  • For those who want to discover how the worlds of business and art can reinforce each other.

Practical information

  • Trainers:  Evelyne Debeuckelaerr, Junior Sephunyane Mthombeni
  • Date:  December 7th 2023
  • Location: Kasteel Meerlenhof Hoboken
  • Price: 325€ incl VAT (private); 325€ excl VAT (corporate) - if the price is an obstacle, please contact us! 

Testimonials from past workshops 

Roots & Waves 

“It made my soul sing again. I could hardly remember it's voice…”

What a wonderful journey "Roots & Waves" turned out to be!

Starting at the sea, where life once began. Supported by nature, in all its power. A walk with the flow of life. Aware of who has gone before me. What it has swept. Visibility with every step. Peace.

The group and guides were indispensable in this journey. Their contribution difficult to capture in words, palpable in every inch of my body. Intimate, connected, shared, cherished. Silent witnesses, shared voice. In respect and admiration, for each other, for ourselves.

Then to return home, reborn, carried by so many. Making the tension of my own place bearable, enabling me to look forward. Breathing space. Trust. Everything is there. A wonderful gift to myself that lingers on until today. Treat yourself to it!

- Tine Van Hecke


Roots & Waves brings you closer to the strength and power of your roots and ancestors, coming home to yourself, feeling the tension of the other, near and far, recognising and acknowledging yourself, holding and letting go in the waves of the sea, the flow of water. Delightful! Absolutely recommended!

- Nele DS


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