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For organizations

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed

until it's faced.

James Baldwin

Change agent & organizational coaching

Possible organizational issues

As a manager, manager or HR you are at the heart of your organization, and it is  difficult to see exactly what is going on and what is causing the problems. With my external and experienced glasses I can here  from  neutrality to look at and you so  help out.


You want to have a screening of your organization and a clear mirror held up to the themes that play in depth . 

Organizational structure & culture

you want a  sounding board and sparring partner in your search for a 'correct' organizational structure.

Your company culture (undercurrent) may be geared even more to the organizational strategy (upper current). 

HR strategy

You want help to align your HR strategy and processes with the company strategy and corporate culture.

Transition guidance

You want to be guided in a change process or transition where you are looking for embracing resistance. I like to walk along, up close or from a distance, from different angles, up to and including the use of company rituals.

Invisible Laws

An organization does not only consist of a visible top stream (strategy & policy, structure,  processes,...) but also from an invisible undercurrent (the organizational culture with its values, (informal) leadership, ...).

What is going on downstream are often symptoms of patterns that one can see from a systemic perspective, grasp and therefore work with.

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